TriTeq Leverages Micro Market Cooler and Freezer Security with Payment and Remote Management Options

FreshConnect and FreshPYAs part of the company’s initiative to keep existing refrigeration relevant with the latest in micro market innovationsTriTeq Lock & Security is  expanding its portfolio of health locks and monitoring software to include payment options and remote management.    

Bill Denison, CEO of TriTeq, said the company is committed to delivering the latest technology solutions for vending and micro market operators while leveraging its existing investments in coolers and freezers.  “In the past,” Denison stated, “a cooler or freezer with a factory lock could not add the option to unlock through remote access.  Our new FreshConnect module refreshes older cooler and freezer locks by adding temperature monitoring, alerts and remote unlock capability. 

FreshConnect Remote Control for Royal Vision and Imbera Proformax  

Connect to the FreshTraq portal by installing FreshConnect between the OEM controller and the existing cooler lock.  Available with Wi-Fi or ethernet connection, the configuration will allow remote unlock from anywhere using a computer or smart phone.  Temperature monitoring and alerts report to an easy-to-use portal with 24/7 access to refrigeration data.  Real-time visibility, analytics and refrigeration performance history allow the operator to make intelligent decisions around the viability of assets and consumables.  FreshConnect breathes new life into older Royal and Imbera locking coolers. 

FreshPay module brings payment and check-out to existing coolers 

The FreshPay module added to a TriTeq FreshIQ lock allows the cooler to become a secure market and payment hub delivering a self-contained payment cooler.  With FreshPay, the cooler remains locked until a customer presents payment.  Once the credentials are verified through the FreshTraq portal, FreshPay will unlock the door and the micro market operator will take over the transaction.  FreshPay can transform an existing cooler to a smart cooler without the need to spend multiple thousands of dollars on a proprietary single-use cooler.  Importantly, the health time feature can be utilized to restrict distribution of spoiled food.  Established micromarket providers have integrated with FreshPay and some operators have created their own system using FreshPay for access control. 

One portal for refrigeration data keeps things simple 

tritreq freshpayThe FreshTraq portal is used by operators with thousands of connections and by start-ups with just a few markets.  According to TriTeqthe design provides a single depository for the performance data of all micromarket refrigeration.  Temperature, door openings, and equipment performance are all captured and reported regardless of the brand or model of cooler and freezer.  The company says that new equipment, older models and coolers needing payment interface will find the right module within the TriTeq portfolio. 

For more information about TriTeq, the FreshTraq portal, the FreshIQ lock, the FreshConnect module and the FreshPay module, visit the TriTeq website at

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