Study Shows 87% of Consumers Prefer Touchless or Self-Checkout During Coronavirus

Micro Market Self CheckoutTouchless or self-checkout transactions are preferred by 87% of consumers during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemicaccording to research from the Shekel Group.  The study further reveals that two-thirds of U.S. consumers are now using self-checkout.  The numbers also indicate that the “new normal” of wearing facemasks and gloves will also include fewer behind the counter employees, which could mean an increase in contactless retail through vending and micro markets. 

Before Coronavirus the self-checkout market was predicted to hit $4 billion, or 468,000 units installed worldwide. This statistic sounds conservative now as self-checkout is becoming universally embraced as everyone does their part to stop the spread of the COVID-19 and protect others. 

According to the research, today’s consumers want touchless checkout options because they know that an item is automatically scanned and priced as soon as they place it on the market’s barcode reader or pick it off a shelf or cooler in an automated micromarket.

The technology makes it possible for the consumer to not worry about touching the checkout register.  All the consumer has to do is make sure that they are accurately scanning each item and reviewing the item totals on the screen. 

Besides being a convenient and safe way for consumers to finalize a transaction at micro-markets or vending machines, touchless check out enables consumers to practice “self-distancing, or the habit of staying six feet away from otherwhile in the store. 

Source: A new study from the Shekel Group.

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