SouveNEAR, Sell Locally Made Souvenirs! 

Souvenirs are an excellent reminder of a wonderful vacation but the sad thing is that for many people, they usually forget to purchase a souvenir until it’s time to go home. 

Thanks to SouveNEAR, people who are on vacation can easily purchase a handmade souvenir that’s also made by a local artisan, instead of a product that was produced by a large corporation. 

Don’t Miss Out On Being A Part Of The Souvenir Market  

Vending operators are used to reading about the benefits of operating food and beverage vending machines but what about souvenirs? 

Thanks to recent data from Technavio Research, we know that the global gifts, novelty, and souvenirs market is $16.33 billion and is projected to grow by 5% by 2023. 

The demand for souvenirs is expected to continue growing, even during Covid-19, and this makes SouveNEAR and excellent solution because it’s 24-7, contactless way to buy Souvenirs.  

Souvenirs are a huge industry but locally made, artistic souvenirs are even better because they offer more value than commercially available souvenirs, and the average consumer who purchases them feels like they own something that represents the city that they visited. 

The Souvenirs That Don’t End Up In The Closet 

How many souvenirs have you purchased over the years that ended up in your closet, or you ended up selling them at a garage sale? 

When a consumer purchases a souvenir from a SouveNEAR vending machine, they will be purchasing a souvenir store quality souvenir that won’t end up in a closet or drawer when they get back home. 

SouveNEAR is ideal because they don’t require any interaction with another human being, helping to reduce the spread of Covid-19, and since it’s a vending machine it stays open 24-7, offering travelers the ability to buy lastminute souvenirs even when local souvenir shops may have closed. 

SouveNEAR seeks out and showcases local artists who capture the vision of their cities. Partnering with these talents, we curate our favorite items and also commission new works that are designed and produced locally.

To learn more about the SouveNEAR vending machine visit their website at 

By Jeff Adair, Editor

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