SMRT1 Technologies: Helping with Fresh Food Delivery and Public Health

By: Michelle Brisebois 

Smart vending technology is growing briskly as many sectors seek ways to innovate operationally during the COVID-19 pandemic. SMRT1 Technologies, a Canadian-based smart vending technology company recognizes that many of these operational shifts have been developing for some time, are being accelerated by the pandemic challenges, and will continue to develop post-pandemic. SMRT1 Technologies’ roll out of SMRT1 POD (Personalized On-Demand) intelligent vending solutions in the fresh food and public health sectors are already making a positive impact. 


Smart Vending and Food Service 

SMRT1 Technologies worked closely with Vancouver-based UpMeals to customize the software for a refrigerated delivery system delivering healthy, fresh meals. UpMeals product lines can be found in retail and office locations, and will soon be in condos and apartment buildings in the Vancouver, BC, area with more locations set to roll out soon. The intelligent vending software allows the operator to remotely direct creative, production, inventory management, and delivery processes.

The Smart Vending machine can be managed remotely to identify ways to move products approaching expiration and create strategies informed by sales trends. UpMeals and SMRT1 Technologies both see themselves as technology companies, not strictly food service or vending operations. Technology has allowed many businesses to continue to operate safely and remotely.  As companies navigate their “return to the office” strategy, staggered work schedules and a war for talent will mean companies will need to offer competitive benefits and amenities to employees, including providing access to quality meals, 24/7. SmartVending technology allows UpMeals to safely, efficiently and cost-effectively serve the food service sector at scale. 

Smart Vending and Public Health 

SMRT1 Technologies smart vending platform is supporting public health initiatives too. Harm Reduction has been a pressing topic in public health sectors for many years now. As attitudes shift towards a more supportive approach to the Opioid crisis, serving citizens with products and information to reduce harm is job one of many social programs. Border shutdowns have disrupted the flow of illegal drugs, so street drugs are increasingly contaminated with dealers mixing other ingredients to stretch their supply. Overdoses have skyrocketed during the pandemic as the stresses of the health crisis pinch off access to employment and support programs. Emsemble of Moncton, New Brunswick Canada is serving Moncton’s citizens with a smart vending machine that dispenses safe needles, Naloxone kits to reverse overdose, hand sanitizer, masks, and other important products. Ensemble refers to the smart vending machine as an “Interactive Dispensing Service”; the people who use it refer to the technology as “our machine”. The people accessing the machines are anonymous but at an aggregate level, program leaders can see how frequently the machine is accessed and get alerts to low stock levels. SMRT1’s intelligent vending technology can give people information about community resources, weather reports, COVID-19 updates as well. The pairing of the products with the education allows public health services to expand reach and frequency without a corresponding spike in operational costs for extra labour hours. 

SMRT1 Technologies platform can connect new vending machines to the cloud and quickly and easily convert traditional vending machines into smart vending operations. SMRT1 POD is accessible for many operations of all size, its business applications are endless, and the benefits of SMRT1 POD – profound. 

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