Seed Cashless+, A Management System For Small Vending Operators

An updated, small business friendly software program called Cashless+, is now available from USA Technologies. According to the company the software is especially user-friendly for vending operators.


This next generation in vend management and logistics is tailored to small and medium businesses (SMBs) with under 400 devices and provides enhanced insights for scheduling, pre-kitting, merchandising and real-time alerts, along with a streamlined user interface for better efficiency and ease of use. Further, for the first time, Seed Cashless+ users can take advantage of Seed Mobile, USAT’s iOS app that integrates seamlessly with the browser-based platform of Seed Cashless+.

With this Best-In-Class software platform, operators have everything that they need at their fingertips to manage their vending business, especially if they are just getting started in vending because it’s software that’s designed for businesses that have less than 400 devices. 

Thanks to Seed Cashless+, operators who use this software can have confidence that they will be able to schedule and complete all of the day-to-day operations that their businesses need without having to continue using outdated methods for managing their routes. 

Helps Operators Address Issues In The Field Quickly And Effectively  

One of the biggest problems that operators face is being able to quickly resolve issues in the field and manage their businesses more effectively. The good news is that with Seed Cashless+, every vending operator can have more control over their routes, especially with these key features:  

  • Real-time alerts – Helps operators to see which machines are malfunctioning or in need of inventory. 
  • QuickPicks – This makes it easy for vending operators to see which machines are running low on inventory and prioritize restocking. 

When an operator uses Seed Cashless+, they can have confidence that they will be able to streamline how they run their business and eliminate any barriers which may make it difficult for them to drive sales.  

Seed Cashless+ is telemetry connected to credit card readers on operators vending machines, this makes it possible for operators to analyze their sales, collect revenue, and more through Seed Cashless+ online platform. 

Offers RealTime Data, Not Best Guesses 

Having access to real-time data is huge when you’re a vending operator because that data helps you to make the best decisions for your vending machines and eliminate best guesses. 

The Seed Cashless+ software platform will provide operators with the analytical data that they need to grow their businesses. 

After an operator starts using this software, they won’t be able to go back to managing their business the old way again because Seed Cashless + software is also mobile-enabled. This means that it can be downloaded to any tablet or mobile device for convenient access while on the go. 

To learn more about Seed Cashless+ and USA Technologies, visit their website at

By Jeff Adair, Editor