SandStar Smart Vending Machine Kiosks

SandStar Smart Vending Machines Offer Computer Vision And Dynamic Recognition Capabilities.

Sandstar Smart Vending Machines

With SandStar Smart Vending Machine Kiosks, operators finally have vending machines that offer them the smart features that they’ve been searching for. 

About SandStar Smart Vending Machines  

Since its founding in 2016, Beijing based SandStar has been leading the vending industry with developing intuitive vending machines which feature AI and computer vision. 

Quite simply, this means that when a consumer walks up to a SandStar vending machine, they are going to be able to easily access the food or beverages that they want, just like they would when they open their fridges at home. 

These smart vending machines offer a wide variety of benefits including:  

  • Facial recognition 
  • Age and gender analysis 
  • Support for multiple payment methods
  • Large screens for customer interaction and potential advertising 

Their grab-and-go smart kiosks will help operators to increase their sales at each location where a SandStar vending machine is placed, and what’s most ideal is that these smart kiosks cost 40% less than a traditional vending machine. 

The Right Time For Dynamic Recognition Technology 

These vending machines offer consumers the convenience of being able to easily access, touch, and see the foods or beverages that they want and once the kiosk door is closed, the money is taken from the consumer’s debit or credit card. 

The SandStar Smart Kiosks (vending machines) enable a convenient grab-and-go shopping experience with computer vision and dynamic recognition technologies. Through the integration of massive multidimensional data as well as visual analysis, the company solves the operational pains for traditional retailers and helps them achieve efficient management and targeted marketing, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Leasing options available.

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