Red Bull Pushes The Envelope With A Bitcoin Vending Machine At A Czech Hackers Conference 

RedBull Drink VendingAttendees at a recent hackers’ conference in Prague, the Czech Republic, were able to buy Red Bull from a vending machine using bitcoin. The vending machine is one of several concepts that Red Bull has come up with to generate attention for its brand. Red Bull Media House, the company’s media arm, enjoys a reputation for its entertainment and informational marketing.

It makes sense that a company looking to be on the cutting edge of technology and social change would find its way to a hackers conference with a vending machine that accepts bitcoin, the leading virtual currency.

The purpose of the Czech hackers conference, now in its third year, was to find new ways to support digital freedom and decentralization, which are among the benefits that digital currency offers.

To promote decentralization and “cryptoanarchy” in practice, the conference enticed paying with bitcoin. For those attendees who did not yet have bitcoins, the event provided a guide?on how to get them. Attendees also were given the option of paying with a credit card or PayPal, which incurred a 5 percent transaction fee.

The hackers event featured closes to 60 speakers, according to its website. Speakers included Andrea Antonopoulos, author of “Mastering Bitcoin and the Internet of Money,” and Felix Weis, a world bitcoin traveler.

Themes included: freedom and “cryptoanarchy”; decentralized economy and cryptocurrency; political art and hacking; and science and technology.

by Elliot Maras


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