Recent Survey Confirms That 90% Of Shoppers Want Self-Checkout to Automatically Identify Items 

Self Check outThanks to a recent study by Shekel Brainweigh, Ltd we know that 90% of consumers who use self-checkout at grocery stores worldwide want to have the machines that automatically identify the items that they are checking out. 

The biggest reason why more consumers want to have self-checkout machines automatically identify the items that they are checking out is because 75% of consumers in the same study also stated that they had previously experienced difficulties with self-checkout. 

One of the most common problems with self-checkout machines includes the consumers difficulty with entering items via self-checkout themselves and having to rely on a store employee to come and override their transactions. 

More Consumers Are Slowly Accepting Self-Checkout 

As with any new technology, it’s taking time for consumers to become accepting of self-checkout but more people are starting to come around as they see that the technology is getting easier to use. 

The age of survey respondents was between 18-60 years old and 62% of respondents were female. What’s good about the survey is that close to 60% of those people who were surveyed expressed their desire to use self-checkout again, even if they previously had difficulties with their transactions. 

Most consumers are hopeful that their experiences with self-checkout will improve. Close to 25% of respondents said that they wanted the fastest checkout experience possible and felt that this would greatly improve their buying experience. 

Use of Micro Markets Also on The Rise 

Another key takeaway from the Shekel Brainweigh survey is that 15% of consumers who were surveyed said that they recently visited a micromarket and were pleased with their transactions. Those same consumers who visited a micromarket recently said that they liked the convenience of the micromarket including the speed at which they were able to complete their transactions. 

Besides the growing acceptance of self-checkout and micromarkets, 50% of consumers who were surveyed stated that they would be open to purchasing healthy foods and other items from vending machines in the future. They were also hopeful that the quality and selection of healthy vending machine products would improve from the selection that they had to choose from recently. 

Shekel Brainweigh CEO, Yoram Ben Porat stated that the results of the survey were coherent of the current market trends and were representative of the desires that consumers have for greater improvements in self-checkout technology. 

With more consumers accepting the self-checkout experience there is also the need for enhanced technology that will help to improve transactions for business owners. Shekel has been partnering with companies like Fujitsu and Toshiba to create enhanced checkout solutions that solve problems with overstock, understock and loss prevention. 

About Shekel Brainweigh 

For close to 50 years, Shekel has been a leader in the developing weighing technology and sale solutions for the global marketplace. They have been on the “forefront” of developing technology that’s aimed at streamlining selfcheckout and improving the customer experience overall. To learn more about them, visit their website at 

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