QMBox Vending Machines Provide International Gourmet Meals

QMBox Hot Food Vending MachineQMBox is a revolutionary new concept for providing affordable, healthy, international gourmet meals to everyone.

These days, it can be hard to balance schedules while still having time left over for shopping and cooking nutritious meals.  Convenience and speed are frequently prioritized over freshness and health. In other words, the need for Quality Meals is often set aside for Quick Meals.

QMBox delivers both with dedication to healthy eating and lightning-fast vending machine design. The machine prepares, fresh, hearty meals — all created by trained international and local chefs — and specific types of meals are rotated every week for variety. 

QMBox machines are run on smart technology that can detect and monitor temperature, freshness, and availability. The process of selecting and purchasing meals is via consumer touchscreen interface. According to the company, the meal is delivered within two minutes.

QMBox hi-tech vending machines can be placed in public places such as hospitals, airports and schools. Including breakrooms in manufacturing plants, industrial factories and many other locations with 50 to 100 or more employees.

QM Box Chef Created mealsNo preservatives, pigments or artificial spices are added to lunches during the preparation and products are certified by the UDSA and FDA.

QMBox machines are also equipped with oversized touch screens. QMBox assures that each boxed meal is safe, hygienic, and delicious!

QMBox is dedicated to providing Quality Made, Quick Meals, so that everyone can enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal anytime and anywhere.

In jQM Box Meal Vending machineust a few minutes, you can enjoy varieties of boxed meals carefully prepared by international chefs.

To purchase QMBox vending machines and food, please contact 770-368-0638. Email info@qm-box.com

QMBox headquarters is based out of Norcross, GA and can ship anywhere in the USA!

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