PayRange Adds New Income Tax Refund Advance Program 

PayRangeePayRange announced recently that they have created a new loyalty refund advance program in partnership with Source, Inc. 

The company will be targeting more than 25,000 tax filing professionals nationwide  to have them offer their clients the option of having a portion of their income tax refund transferred to the PayRange app. 

Once transferred to PayRange, a consumer can use that portion of their refund immediately at unattended retail locations nationwide. Additionally, consumers will also be able to receive funding bonuses, discounts, and other incentives for being a part of the PayRange program. 

PayRange Serves More Than 3 Million Consumers Nationwide 

Serving more than 3 million consumers, and a variety of businesses nationwide which include laundry, unattended retail, kiosks, and more, PayRange has quickly developed into one of the most well-known consumer brands. 

PayRange is also known for helping consumers who don’t currently have checking accounts and are unable to pay for the items that they need online or offline because they can use PayRange to send and receive payments anywhere.  

2019 Income Tax Filing Deadline Extended To July 15th

With Covid-19 having delayed the 2019 income tax filing deadline until July 15thmany consumers will likely want to transfer a portion of their income tax returns to PayRange so that they can have fast funds. 

Consumers who are unable to file their 2019 income taxes by July 15th may be able to file for an October 15th extension.  

More consumers than ever before will likely be open to transferring a portion of their income tax return to PayRange because the H&R Block Emerald Card, and other tax filing companies, has popularized the practice of consumers transferring a portion of their income tax refund balance in recent years. 

The PayRange partnership with Source, Inc is projected to reach 2 million customers with $8 billion in expected income tax refunds. To learn more about their refund advance program, visit, email


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