Omron Introduces Human Image Sensing Technology

Onron TechnologyThe HVC-P2 from Omron Electronic Components LLC features an image sensing camera for recognizing human face expression, gender, age, gaze and blink.

The technology makes it possible for a vending machine to detect a human body four times per second, monitoring a person within its detection area.

The image sensing technology was developed using data from more than one million faces.

The technology achieves 10 types of image-sensing functions that can recognize human conditions in various perspectives: 1) face detection, 2) human body detection, 3) hand detection 4) face direction estimation, 5) gaze estimation, 6) blink estimation, 7) age estimation, 8) gender estimation, 9) expression estimation, (including five facial expressions – neutral, happiness, surprise, anger and sadness) and 10) face recognition.

Recognition and presumption are provided in the form of digital data indicating the number of detections, angles and age, as well as text data for facial expressions and gender.

The HVC-P2 also provides close range and long-distance scanning by enabling the customer to select from two different camera lenses, a long distance detection type and a wide-angle detection type, depending on their specific application purposes.

A piece of equipment embedded with the HVC-P2 can detect attributes and conditions of a user coming into its vicinity, without the user knowing the presence of a camera, making it possible to provide services deemed best suited to the user’s attributes.

Customer benefits include privacy, since there is no need to send an image to the PC, just result data; high process speed; and low system cost, as there is no need to prepare a server for running image sensing.

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