Nova Market – An Intuitive Self-Checkout Solution By Nayax

Nova Market

According to a recent Raydiant’s survey, we know that the demand for self-checkout continues to grow in the United States because 60% of consumers who were surveyed said that they preferred self-checkout over store associates, if they were given an option. 

Easy To Use Self-Checkout Solution 

Thanks to Nova Market by Nayax, consumers have an easy self-checkout solution that integrates the NayaxVend and Nayax BI management suites. 

This platform is ideal for micro markets but it’s also a great fit for factories, convenience stores, cafes, fast food restaurants, and any business that requires smooth transactions.  

About Nova Market 

Made by Nayax, Nova Market is a self-checkout solution that’s second to none, because it’s a modular and affordable payment solution that is easily scalable, accepts multiple payment methods, and it’s also a platform that can be easily managed remotely as well. 

Besides being a self-checkout platform that can be managed remotely, this solution can also be optimized so that consumers can receive in-store discounts, special offers, and more. 

Redefining the consumer experience with a fast and intuitive self-checkout solution

Nayax – A Leader In Self-Checkout Solutions  

As one of the top cashless payment and management solutions on the planet, Nayax is the leader when it comes to designing checkout solutions that are used in a variety of industries worldwide.  Nayax solutions are also plug-n-play, meaning that it’s possible for operators to easily set up their Nayax technology themselves, and their products are also future-proofed as well. This means that they are ready for 4G and able to handle changes to the network in the years to come. 

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