Nayax Readies EMV-Compliant VPOS Touch

Nayax has announced it will offer its new VPOS Touch, an all-in-one telemeter and EMV-capable card reader device, with touchscreen display for consumer engagement, nutritional information, usage instructions and more. This product will be available in the fourth quarter in the U.S. and Canadian markets.

nayax-vpos-touchEMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, three credit and debit card networks that formed a consortium for secure transactions. EMV cards are smart cards that store data on integrated circuits. The cards can be inserted into a reader or act as contactless cards that are read over a short distance using radio-frequency technology.

The new reader/terminal supports EMV levels 1 and 2 contact cards. For contactless cards, it is EMV level 1 certified and supports EMV level 2 for Visa PayWave MSD + qVSDC and MasterCard PayPass EMV + mag stripe.

The reader also supports magnetic stripe card ISO7811, track 1 + track 2, JIS II.

Other cards supported include NFC, Mifare, HID-iClass and FeliCa.

The reader is 4.23 inches high by 3.31 inches wide and 1.0 inches deep, weighing 8.11 ounces.

The VPOS Touch accepts debit and credit cards, mobile payments, near-field communication (NFC) payments, prepaid cards, QR codes and closed payment cards.

The “plug and play” device is easy to install, can update software remotely, and is durable to prevent vandalism. It enables monitoring machines in real time with continuously updated information.

The 2.4-inch color touch LCD display screen has a buzzer, speaker and six soft-touch buttons.

Visit website at: for more information.

by Elliot Maras

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