Nayax And Telit Provide Reliable Data Transmission Following 3G Shutdown

Nayax TelitVending machines have become essential in 2020 during the Coronavirus pandemic, due to their ability to automate product vending. Vending Machines are usually open for business 24-7 and, in most cases, a customer doesn’t need to have physical contact with the machine.  

Network non-connection can be an issue with a vending machines ability to be “always open” is the network that it’s connected to, because if the network goes down a customer can’t use their credit, debit, or preferred digital wallet to make their payment and the vending machine will lose money. 

With the shutdown of 2G and 3G networks around the world, the big question is what’s the most ideal network for vending operators right now that also offers them the most options for growing their businesses? 

About Nayax And Telit Partnership 

Thanks to a recent partnership between Nayax and Telit, vending operators now have a superior cashless payment service and management platform that’s also excellent for unattended markets, laundromats, vending machines and so much more! 

Business owners who use the Nayax platform can view realtime data such as machine visits, cashless transactions, excellent telemetry information, and realtime alerts as well.  

Reduce Operational Costs While Increasing Revenue 

The solutions that Nayax offers vending operators will enable them to reduce their money collection costs while offering their customers effortless cashless transactions.  

One problem that many vending operators have had over the years is that their machines were reliant upon the establishment’s Wi-Fi network where the machine is placed. The good news is that with Telit, vending operators will never have to concern themselves with internet reliability again. 

A Fast And Reliable Network 

Telit’s 4G network, combined with their CAT-M technology will eliminate any fears of lost business due to network shutdowns. Vending operators can have confidence that their machines will always be online, even with more shutdowns of 2G and 3G networks around the world. 

When you combine the reliability of Nayax, with the fast and affordable 4G network that Telit offers, the choice is clear for consumers who want to upgrade their vending machines to the most efficient technology while growing their businesses with choose Nayax and Telit.  

To learn more about the Nayax and Telit partnership, including the benefits that they can offer your business, visit 

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