Microtronic US Guest Station Offers Solution For High Security Locations

microtronic-us-technologyThe Guest Station from Microtronic US provides a solution for areas where security is a major concern. The Guest Station has smart readers that can be accessed using the Microtronic RFID smart card.

The unit has a robust touchscreen with easy-to-understand instructions.

Operators can load value to purchase cards with cash. They can set maximum load values and maximum refund values with up to $3,000 refund capacity.

Cards returned for a refund are binned inside the kiosk for re-circulation.

Consumers can purchase a card from the card dispenser, load the card with cash, then use the card with readers in the vending machines.

All readers are offline; it is a “read/write” from the reader to the card. Reports provide full accountability.
For more information visit: http://microtronicus.com.