MEGA BLASTER – An Exciting Novelty Vending Machine

Mega Blaster - Win Prizes!!

Let’s face it, novelty vending machines will always be popular, even in the 2020s because of the simple fact that adults and children enjoy them and most people like to walk away from a novelty redemption machine with a prize. 

With the MEGA BLASTER, an adult or child is going to fall in love with this novelty vending machine because it offers candy, games, prices and it’s going to produce excellent ROI, especially when it’s placed in a gas station, restaurant, shopping mall or high traffic location. 

Built To Last  

MEGA BLASTER is built to last because it’s made from durable steel and acrylic materials.  Besides having a great design, this novelty vending machine also offers a state-of-the-art bill acceptor and credit card reader, so that operators can have peace of mind in knowing that it’s going to attract the most business possible, regardless of how a customer can pay. 

This amusement redemption machine also offers a 120-prize capacity, and operators can have peace of mind in knowing that they are going to own a vending machine that’s sturdy and virtually maintenance-free. 

A Game That Everyone Can Play 

MEGA BLASTER offers a game that features a launch plate which holds up to 20 jumbo bouncy balls.  Once the balls are launched, customers never know where the balls are going to land, or what prizes they are going to win. 

What’s ideal about MEGA BLASTER is that this novelty vending machine features 1.400 bouncy balls so regardless of when a customer plays, they always walk away with a bouncy ball. Alan Guiridi invented the MEGA Blaster, and the machine is made and sold by Texas Vending.

To learn more about MEGA BLASTER, visit their website at, or contact Tony McAnelly at, (916) 860-7099.

Mega Blaster