MagTek Introduces OEM Hybrid Insertion Card Reader Authenticator

magtek-oDynamoMagTek, Inc., a provider of payment technology, has launched the oDynamo OEM card reader authenticator. The oDynamo provides reliable reading of magnetic stripe and chip card data.

Designed to fulfill the wide-ranging needs of vending machines and other unattended payment applications, the oDynamo supports multiple communication protocols and offers a host of interfaces including USB, UART and Ethernet. MagTek’s oDynamo also easily integrates with PIN pads and NFC modules.

“The oDynamo provides manufacturers of POS equipment an opportunity to easily integrate EMV and MSR functionality into their unattended terminal applications,” said Tom Coduto, vice president and general manager of MagTek’s OEM solutions business unit. “The oDynamo provides the foundation for payment systems that require EMV, MSR and NFC.”

Housed in a sealed chassis, MagTek’s oDynamo is impenetrable to liquid and other harmful environmental elements. The oDynamo delivers anti-skimming technology in a tamper resistant security module, making PCI-PTS compliance and SRED certification even easier.

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