Le Bread Xpress Launches Bake Xpress, A Micro Bakery Machine

Bake Xpress

Consumers on the West Coast can now purchase hot baked goods from a new vending machine.  

Bake Xpress is a machine from Silicon valley-based LeBread Express which vends freshly baked goods at the touch of a button.  According to the company, the machine can hold up to 70 products in its refrigerator and create baked goods such as gourmet pizza pastries, quiche, croissants on demand for consumers.

The machine includes a well-lit, 55in LCD screen which makes it easy for anyone to order the baked items that they want and then watch the item that they ordered made right before their very eyes. 

The machine’s cloud interface makes monitoring easy and diagnostic work hassle–free as well because as long as it’s connected to wi-fi, Le Bread Xpress can fix any machine issues remotely.  

The company is now testing the demand for its machines at 10 locations across the Silicon Valley area. 

How Long Does It Take? 

As with anything that has to be made on–demand, the freshly baked goods ordered from a Bake Xpress machine will not be available immediately when ordered.  For example, the baguette takes about 90 seconds to be prepared. 

Bake Xpress was first launched about three years ago at three locations across the United States and more than 120 locations across Europe. 

To learn more about Bake Xpress visit their website at http://www.lebreadxpress.com.   

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