Invenda’s Intelligent Vending Retrofit Enters U.S.

invenda-solutionsInvenda, a Luzern, Switzerland provider of intelligent vending solutions powered by Intel, has entered the U.S. market, offering its modular retrofit technology for both new and old vending machines. The company provides a machine retrofit that enables centralized device management, including facial recognition, real-time inventory control, digital signage, remote pricing and telematics. The machine communicates with an operator’s home office via a secure wireless cloud connection.

The core of the retrofit technology, which runs on Windows 10 IoT Enterprise with Microsoft Azure, is an Intel-powered vending machine brain that provides centralized device management with real-time inventory, product bundling, digital signage and demographics.

The facial recognition camera and video display signage on the front of the vending machine can collect data about the customer’s age and gender. Once the data has been sent to the control unit, the data can be combined with other information, such as local weather conditions and time of day. The platform can then send a message back to the video display to trigger targeted promotions to stimulate add-on sales in a single transaction.

The new processor inside the machine transmits real-time information about inventory and machine conditions to the operator via a secure connection. The information enables rapid maintenance response and lessens the likelihood of empty machine shelves. The technology also facilitates functions such as data collection, monitoring sales statistics and managing pricing.

More information about Invenda Solutions is available at 303-579-6989,

Invenda Intelligent Vending Solutions

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