GreenSTOP Unveils Multiple Terminal Cannabis Machine

GreenSTOP Cannibis Vending Machines

Entrepreneurs who want to capitalize on the demand for cannabis are now opening licensed dispensaries in record numbers, especially in California, where GreenSTOP has released its first smart cannabis vending machines.

Cannabis use is on the rise nationwide as many states have legalized it and now have licensed dispensaries that sell it to customers in safe environments. 

How Does The GreenSTOP Smart Dispensary Work? 

To purchase cannabis, all a customer has to do is display their ID for a budtender, or clerk, who will grant them access to the GreenSTOP Smart Dispensary then the customer can purchase the cannabis that they want in as little as 30 seconds. 

About GreenSTOP 

Founded by Timothy Island and James Edwards, GreenSTOP is growing fast, as the demand for their smart dispensaries is accelerating in California and nationwide.  

With more cannabis dispensaries in states where its legal, dispensary owners know that a GreenSTOP Smart Dispensary does the job of a bud tender while also making it easy for consumers to purchase the cannabis that they need at their convenience. 

As the company grows, GreenSTOP is also focusing on creating a mobile app that will make it possible for consumers to pre-order the cannabis that they want then pick it up conveniently from a GreenSTOP top machine at their local dispensary. 

To learn more about the GreenSTOP Smart Dispensary, visit their website at