GreenLite Card Reader – The Easy Way To Accept Credit Cards From Your Vending Machines


In 2021, it’s not uncommon to find that some vending machines only accept cash and coins, but not credit cards. 

Thanks to the GreenLite Card Reader, a telemetry device that’s also a cellular module; operators can always make a sale regardless if a consumer has cash, credit, or a debit card with them. 

How Does It Work? 

This turnkey solution securely communicates the information to and from vending machines to the internet and server, so that operators can see the information on their computer, tablet, or another web browser-equipped device. 

  • Sales data is transferred to operators six times a day. 
  • Visual alerts are on the machine’s health are also available via the web interface. 
  • Two-tier pricing is available. This will make it possible for operators to set higher prices for credit purchases, and lower prices for cash purchases. 
  • All card and mobile sale profits are deposited weekly. 
  • The card reader accepts all major credit cards including Visa® Credit, Visa® Debit, MasterCard® Credit, Discover® Card, American Express®. 

This card reader is one of the most effective solutions for those operators who want to increase their sales quickly, without investing in expensive hardware. 

Offers Real-Time Data 

Besides making it possible for operators to enable their vending machines to accept credit/debit cards, the GreenLite card reader also makes it possible for business owners to have access to real-time data from their machine that they can use to efficiently manage their machine and business. 

Since GreenLite’s technology follows standard industry compliance, operators can also have confidence that their customer’s credit card data will not be stored on the machine.   

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