Generation NEXT Launches Robotic Vending Subsidiary

Generation NEXT Franchise Brands, which owns Fresh Healthy Vending LLC; Reis and Irvy’s, Inc., a robotic frozen yogurt vending machine; and 19 Degrees, a yogurt kiosk brand, has launched a subsidiary to create, develop and manufacture robotic vending concepts. The subsidiary is called Generation NEXT Vending Robots Inc.

generation-next-franchise-brandsGeneration NEXT decided to expand its focus beyond frozen confectionary to food and beverage products that can utilize the patents it owns.
One patent covers a frozen confectionary vending machine and a method for vending frozen confectionary products.

Another patent covers a vending machine for assembling and delivering food and drink products. In addition, the secured patents include pending U.S. and international utility and design applications that relate to confectionary, entertainment and foodstuff dispensing stations.
“With the ownership of these patents, Generation NEXT Franchise Brands and more specifically our newly-formed Generation NEXT Vending Robots Inc., is poised to change the landscape of robotic vending technology,” said Nick Yates, the company’s chairman and founder.

“Our goal is to identify food and beverage consumables, like we have already with frozen yogurt and ice cream, that can be delivered using our patented robot vending technologies. Our objective is to identify consumables that are subject to brick and mortar infrastructure that we feel need a little disruption.”

The company will also explore licensing opportunities with other companies that wish to utilize the patents.

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