Frank Yang, Founder Of Simplehuman, Creator Of Touch Free Products 

Frank YangFrank Yang was always a visionary before Covid-19 because his company, Simplehuman, was at the forefront of developing touchfree technology that was gradually becoming a way of life for everyone. 

During the pandemic, Simplehuman has experienced a greater demand for its products because touchless technology has stopped being a ‘nice to have’ technology and turned into something that’s a ‘musthave’ technology in the world today. 

Since founding his company in 2000, Yang has worked hard to develop touchless technology that adapts to human behavior and becomes an effortless part of our daily lives.  

The “Apple Of Housewares” 

Thanks to his success in creating touchless solutions that are used in homes and offices like trash cans, soap pumps, sensor mirrors, and products that are used in kitchens and bathrooms around the world, Simplehuman has earned respect among other tech companies including the moniker as the “Apple of Housewares”. 

Frank Yang has always known that having touchless everyday products like trash cans and soap dispenses could one day become a matter of life and death because most viruses, including Coronavirus, can live on surfaces for 24 hours or longer. 

In March 2020, Simplehuman was enjoying strong sales but the pandemic changed that when consumers around the world became concerned about having contact with surfaces and interest in Simplehiman’s products soared. 

One thing that’s helped the growth of his company this year was his donation of his touchless products to more than 3,000 hospitals and healthcare workers in the United States.  

As founder and CEO of the company, Yang also marked down prices on all of his touchless products because he recognized the importance that touchless trash cans and soap dispensers would play in society during and after the Pandemic. 

The Year For Touch Free Products  

With Coronavirus cases declining in the United States, and a potential second wave of the virus possibly returning in the fall, this makes 2020 the year for touchfree products. 

Simplehuman is a company that is certainly in the right place and the right time because its touchfree products make it easy for anyone to live their normal life without having to think about spreading Covid-19 after they touch a trash can or soap pump. 

With their touchless trash can, users can tell the trash can to open from up to 6 feet away and the lid will also stay open if the user has to use the trash can for a longer period. 

As more consumers are concerned about buying PPE products including face masks, Simplehuman’s touchless trash can and their other touchless products will likely continue to be in demand products not just this year, but in years to come. 

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By Jeremy Raglin, Editor-Content Writer

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