Foot Operated Vending Machine? It’s Now A Reality In Japan 

Foot operated vending machineA footoperated vending machine? Yes, it’s true, the worlds first foot-operated vending machine is now available in Japan.  Created by DyDo, a leading beverage company in Japan, the company is the first to bring a footoperated vending machine to the marketplace. 

Besides dispensing cold beverages, this vending machine is easy to use since all a consumer has to do is use their foot to tap the corresponding number of the item that they want to order from the vending machine, eliminating any need for consumers to touch the machine with their hands. 

What’s even more ideal about DyDo’s new footoperated vending machine is that there’s no need for a consumer to touch the plastic door on the vending machine to retrieve their itemDyDo has placed a foot pedal on the right side of the machine for consumers to easily access their purchases with the use of that pedal. 

The ‘Perfect’ Vending Machine? 

When you combine the footoperated features, along with a contactless payment system, DyDo’s footoperated vending machine can be considered to be as close to ‘perfect’ as possible because it eliminates any need for a consumer to touch the machine and potentially spread Covid-19 or other germs. 

Since they started their beverage business in the 1970s, DyDo has been a leader in creating innovative beverages, and solutions for delivering those products to consumers in Japan. 

Thanks to their new, footoperated vending machine, it’s likely that the company will continue to see steady growth as Covid-19 has changed the vending industry since most consumers want to avoid touching surfaces. 

Will We See A Foot Operated Vending Machine In The USA? 

With the invention of the first foot-operated vending machine in Japan, it’s likely that we are going to see one in the United States because it makes sense for consumers to have the ability to order the foods or beverages that they want from vending machines, using with their feet. 

As Covid-19 continues to be a threat in the United States, and most of the world, it’s likely that the time has come for the foot-operated vending machine and this means that we could see more of these machines become available in the USA during the years to come.  

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By Jeff Adair, Editor

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