Fastcorp’s Robotic Arm Mimics Human Arm in Pick and Place Machines

FAstcorp Robitic Arm Vending MachinesIn 2020, consumers rely on vending machines to buy more things than ever before and that means that modern vending machines have to keep up with the demand. Fastcorp Vending, LLC is one company which is exceeding the demands of today’s modern consumers with their modern machines. 

Advanced Robotic Arm Technology  

What makes Fastcorp’s vending machines so unique is their use of DIVI technology, which features a Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm (SCARA) that mimics the movements of the human arm for “pick and place” vending machine operations. 

The SCARA robotic arm gives vending machines the ability to have a full range of motions and the precision to deliver anything that a consumer orders.

Besides having a highly effective robot arm, the DIVI technology comes with fewer motors and parts than other traditional vending machines. These machines have simple programming and a powerful vacuum arm that can pick up anything up to four pounds. 

OnScreen Entertainment Captures Customer Impulse Buys 

Each DIVI vending machine offers onscreen entertainment, for capturing customer impulse sales, so owners can get maximum ROI from these vending machines. 

Other features of Fastcorp’s DIVI  are the ability to offer its owner a live display shelf, digital media player, or product cards, 10” integrated touch screen and 6” glass keypad or an integrated keypad. 

This vending machine is compatible with most major payment systems including Google Pay and it accepts all major credit cards as well. 

According to the company, DIVI Vending machines offer the business owner the ability to set up branded storefronts that are easy to maintain and generate passive income. 

These machines have been used in a wide variety of niches in recent years including selling regulated products, cold case vending, and products that consumers need while they are on the go like earbuds, snacks, hairbands and more.  

About Fastcorp Vending 

Fastcorp has been specializing in creating state-of-the-art machines since 1990.  Other products from the company include SAMI, a vending machine that fits into small locations where conventional machines may not fit,  It can be mounted on a wall or pedestal and comes with a 24” touchscreen for ordering and giving the owner the ability to control content and increase revenue.  SAMI’s product delivery system features a conveyor system which the company says ensures a quality delivery.  

The company is also working on a secure locker system which will enable business owners to sell larger products or purchase products online and pick them up later in the store. 

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