Fastcorp Adds Touchless Capabilities to DIVI Machines 

Fastcorp DVI Vending MachinesFastcorp adds Vagabond’s TrulyTouchless capabilities to their DIVI machines. With the addition, Fastcorp becomes the latest of a number of manufacturers offering a touchless solution to vending operators during the current health climate. 

The touchless mobile cashless technology enables consumers to remotely view the menu of available options, plus detailed product information including nutrition info, before securely purchasing through the vīv app on their smartphones.

The DIVI machine, which features Fastcorp’s patented robotics technology, is available in various machine configurations including frozen, refrigerated or ambient models, allowing customers to sell a wide range of consumer products, not just food, snacks or beverages. 

Vagabond’s touchless cashless vīv platform provides a payment solution more secure than cash, swipe, or EMV technology. Operators of the DIVI machines can directly engage consumers at a personal level, email about product specials, schedule happy hours to reduce spoilage and/or increase sales and remotely adjust product prices at any time.

Operators no longer need to worry about updating any payments hardware in the future as consumers keep their own smartphones up to date. 

Colleen Morris, Vice President at Fastcorp stated, “We’re proud to partner with Vagabond and embed their vīv touchless cashless solution in our advanced DIVI machine. By offering a seamless, unattended retail experience to consumers, we’re helping workplaces keep their staff safe. We offer our customers and their consumers peace of mind during an unpredictable time with a solution that removes unwanted interaction with buttons or payments peripherals on the machine, said Colleen Morris, Vice President at Fastcorp. 

More information is available by reaching out to Fastcorp at by calling 203-739-0301 or by contacting the Fastcorp sales team at