Coin-Operated Laundries Retrofitted to Accept Card and Mobile Payments  

Payments AcceptedThere’s no doubt that the digital revolution has been awesome over the last 20 years but, laundromats have sadly been left behind because the reality is that the cost to upgrade washers, dryers, and many vending machines so that they can accept mobile or card payments has been costprohibitive, at least until now. 

The good news is that as technology advances, it’s becoming more affordable for laundromats and vending machine operators as a whole to upgrade their traditional cash and coin only machines so that those machines can accept payments from debit cards and mobile phones. 

Coin Operated Laundries Enter The 21st Century  

One company that’s leading away with updating the washers, dryers, or traditional cash and coin only vending machines in laundromats across the United States is PayRange. This company makes it possible for laundromat owners to update the machines at their locations without having to invest a lot of capital on new hardware and software. 

How does it work? PayRange is a convenient device that can be installed easily inside any washer, dryer, or vending machine. It utilizes the consumer smartphone for connectivity and payment so that the laundromat owner doesn’t have to worry about internet connectivity or installing expensive hardware. 

Upgrading Coin-Operateed Laundry Machines Is No Longer Costly  

In the past, updating vending machines, washers, or dryers so that they can accept credit cards or mobile payments may have been costly and very time-consuming for business owners. The good news is that with PayRange, convenience is something that a business owner can rely on because it’s going to be easy for them to install themselves and it won’t require any hardware costs or transaction fees.  

Besides being a convenient way for laundromat owners to upgrade their washers, dryers, or vending machines so that they can accept credit card payments, PayRange also makes it possible for the owner to capture the information of the user so that they could remarket to that individual in the future. 

With PayRange, a laundromat owner can also create loyalty points, awards, and other promotions that will motivate consumers to come back more often to their location. 

If a consumer doesn’t want to use PayRange at first, the laundromat owner can also offer a free trial to increase adoption, QR codes, discounts, and other special offers to keep people coming back to their laundromats long after they first visited. 

Easy Installation 

There’s no doubt that many laundromat owners across the United States may have been procrastinating over the last five years when it comes to updating the machines at their facilities due to the perceived hassle that comes from having to update a machine that only accepts cash or coins. 

With PayRange, a business owner can easily update their machines in as little as 30 seconds flat. What’s even better is that since there is no point of contact with the consumerthe laundromat owner does not have to be concerned about ADA compliance because the transaction occurs via the phone in the consumers hand. 

Besides laundromats across the United States, PayRange will no doubt be a desirable upgrade for business owners who have cash or coin only vending machines in gas stations and other facilities nationwide. 

More consumers in the 21st century want to be able to make their payments with more than just cash and coin. If you’re a business owner who wants to have the ability to cater to these customers who would be more than willing to pay with their card or mobile phone, you owe it to yourself to check out this solution. 

To learn more about PayRange visit their website today at  

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