Coca-Cola China Introduces Dispensing/Recycling Machine

Coca Cola Recycling MacineCoca-Cola China has installed a square red machine that both dispenses and recycles beverage packages at the Tianjin Summer Davos Forum, the company announced.

The machine’s two “big eyes” are the entrances and exits for beverage sales and packaging recycling. The recycling module is extensible and can be compatible with packaging of different materials such as PET and metal.

The whole body of the machine is covered with LED pixels controlled by artificial intelligence, which can change various expressions such as “smile,” “selling Meng” and “funny,” and enhance the human-looking machine through new technologies such as face recognition and sound interaction.

Dr. Huang Xiaoyan, vice president of research and development for Coca-Cola Asia Pacific, said: “We look forward to empowering supply chain systems throughout the region, enabling terminal equipment to balance beverage sales and packaging recycling, and improve forward logistics and reverse logistics. At the same time, it can help consumers to raise recycling awareness, develop recycling habits, and achieve recycling of packaging.”

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