Cantaloupe Launches ePort® Engage Series

Cantaloupe Launches ePort® Engage Series

Cantaloupe, Inc. recently announced that they have launched their ePort® Engage Series, next-generation touchscreen devices that offer consumers advanced engagement. 

Malvern, PA-based Cantaloupe, has been a leader in the software services and digital payments space for years. Their ePort® Engage Series offers business owners new ways to captivate consumers while offering them a frictionless way to purchase the items that they want. 

About The ePort® Engage Series 

Enhanced interactivity, acceptance of chip credit/debit cards, Bitcoin/digital payment, increased security, and best-in-class networking is some of the things that set the ePort® Engage Series apart from other payment processing hardware on the market today. 

Cantaloupe’s hardware and software create a robust retailer, especially those specializing in unattended retail so that their customers can get the foods and beverages that they want as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

The company’s PCI PTS 5.X compliant devices offer the highest level of security, including anti-tamper security features, an edge-to-edge 3.5” touchscreen, an all-in-one card reader, a magstripe, and an EMV chip reader as well. 

Contactless Payment  

In the 2020s, more consumers want contactless payment options than ever before because they also want to do their part to avoid spreading germs during the pandemic. 

With Cantaloupe’s ePort® Engage Series, business owners can have peace of mind that they can easily dine out, shop, or check out at their unattended retail establishment without having to interact with another person. 

The company’s Seed Software also makes it possible for businesses to stay connected to their kiosks and machines 24-7, helping them to make sure that their machines are always working and are never down. 

To learn more about Cantaloupe, and their ePort® Engage Series, visit their website at or call (610) 989-0340.