Cantaloupe Intros ePort® Engage Combo

Engage Combo

The latest addition to the ePort series and the evolution of buy-it-and-go retail.

Cantaloupe, Inc., a digital payments and software services company that provides end-to-end technology solutions for the unattended retail market, today unveiled the ePort® Engage Combo, the latest iteration of Cantaloupe’s ePort series and next generation touchscreen devices.

The ePort Engage Combo provides an all-in-one card reader and telemeter, digital touchscreen and payment platform that is simple to install directly over the existing bill acceptor. The new series is ideal for customers with machines that have limited space to install a card reader and are still wanting to give consumers the flexibility to pay using cash, EMV chip or contactless, magstripe, or mobile wallet.


  • All-in-one card reader and telemeter.
  • 2.5” edge-to-edge touchscreen.
  • Fits over machine bill acceptor.
  • Cashless acceptance including EMV chip/contactless, NFC/RFID, magstripe, and mobile wallet.
  • Supports Coinco and MEI bill acceptors.
  • Compatible with US and Canadian bills.
  • Verizon or AT&T Supported.
  • Anti-tamper security.
  • PCI-PTS 5.X Certified.
Eport Engage Combo

“We recently announced that we shipped more than 14,000 ePort Engage devices during our second fiscal quarter. The strong interest in our ePort Engage Series shows operators are benefiting from our next-generation solutions that enable them to optimize consumer engagement,” states Ravi Venkatesan, Chief Operating Officer of Cantaloupe Inc. “Our Engage Combo enables us to expand upon the success of the ePort Engage Series and equip all machines with the ability to seamlessly accept most forms of payments, whether it is cash, debit, credit or mobile wallet through a captivating, interactive device that is easy to install. We are thrilled to introduce the Engage Combo, enabling all buy-it-and-go retailers to offer the autonomous retail experiences customers expect.”

Cantaloupe’s ePort Engage series was first introduced in May of 2021 to give retailers the ability to captivate consumers in new ways and enable truly frictionless purchasing. Through the Engage Series Combo, customers will be able to pay with any method they prefer, including tap-to-pay, chip insert, swipe or mobile wallet. All ePort technologies connect to the Seed software platform, giving unattended retailers the ability to streamline operations and drive profitability.

To learn more about the ePort Engage Combo click here or contact sales directly at +1 (800) 770-8539, or email