Can Micro Markets Help Encourage A Return To The Workplace?

Micro MarketsWill people start working in office buildings again after Covid-19? The answer to this question is yes, most employees may eventually start going back to work in offices around the world, especially if those buildings have micro markets.

Although the world may never be the same as it was before Covid-19, the reality is that having a micro market in the workplace offers convenience and flexibility, while offering the option for consumers to purchase the foods and beverages that they need without having to leave their office workplaces. 

Safe And Hygienic

Micro Markets are an ideal solution for office buildings because they are safe, hygienic, and an efficient way for consumers to purchase food for lunch, a cold beverage, or a cup of coffee without having to worry about possibly spreading Covid-19.

In a micro market, fresh foods and beverages are always on display and can be purchased 24-7. This means that regardless if someone is working during the day, or night, they can have confidence that they can purchase items that they want from a touchless, cashless environment.

Encourages Social Distancing

Unlike traditional office breakrooms of the past that were built for employees to sit and relax while they had coffee, lunch, or purchased foods and beverages, micro markets are environments that encourage social distancing.

When a consumer visits the micro market in their office building, they won’t have to interact with employees or have physical contact with anyone. Micro markets are cashless facilities that give shoppers the ability to checkout independently without having to interact with someone else.

CostEffective And Safe

As more companies search for solutions for encouraging their employees to work from the office again, micro markets are a cost–effective solution that will show workers that live in the office is slowly returning to normal

Besides being cost–effective, micro markets are also safe and won’t require the company to hire additional employees to clean or maintain them.

With a micro market in their office building, employees will see that their workplace offers them a safe and convenient way to purchase beverages and foods 24-7, just like they would if they were still working from home.
The world may never return to where it was before Covid-19 but the reality is that with micro markets, consumers have something that will assist them with slowly making the transition back into office life.

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