Axis Designs Micro Markets, Office Coffee Breakrooms

Are you planning on starting a new micro market, or office coffee location? Axis Designs is a design/build company specializing in the commercial food service industry. From conceptual design to design support drawings that assist the construction of unique food service settings such as corporate cafe’s, coffee shops & self-serve micro-market fixtures.

Axis fabricates custom serving equipment with various materials such as quartz, stainless steel, wood, plastic laminate and acrylics. It also procures equipment manufactured by others as a part of its turn-key deliverable product.  Additional services include logistics, consolidation and installation.  Standard products, including micro market fixtures, can be found in the company catalog. 

Axis Designs Micro Market

For over 40 years, business owners have been choosing Axis Designs to assist them with the design and construction of new micro markets, coffee shops, break rooms, and a wide variety of other hospitality spaces across the United States. 

Business owners who choose Axis Designs can have confidence that their location will be designed to optimize traffic flow so that regardless if it’s a micro market or breakroom, that space will function as efficiently as possible. 

The company takes pride in every phase of the design-build process so that their customers can have confidence that their new space will offer the most value to their customers possible. 

Good Design Doesn’t Just Look Good, It Also Has To Function 

Those who have worked with a designer in the past know a project can’t just look good, it also has to function well, or the location won’t produce ROI.  

Axis Design Office Coffee Breakrooms

With Axis Designs, they don’t just create designs that look good, their designs are also functional, because they utilize advanced fabrication techniques which ensure that each location that they design is also built to the highest quality standards. 

Besides designing and building environments like office coffee, micro markets, and break rooms, the company also has its own install team. This ensures that large buildouts, equipment, and fixtures are unpacked with ease while being installed with precision. 

Axis Designs

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