Aramark Teams With Mashgin On AI Powered Self-Checkout At Major League Baseball Stadiums

AramaarkAramark has expanded its use of artificial intelligence (AI) in Major League Baseball stadiums where the company operates, through a partnership with Mashgin, a Palo-Alto, Calif.-based technology company, which creates express self-checkout kiosks that use computer vision to scan multiple items without barcodes simultaneously, reducing the time consumers spend waiting in retail checkout lines.

Aramark has deployed Mashgin units across its ballpark portfolio, as part of a new “Walk Thru Bru” grab-and-go beverage market concept.

Fans are able to place the items they wish to purchase on the Mashgin unit, where they are scanned simultaneously for quick payment – increasing speed of service and allowing fans to get back to the action on the field. Valid ID is still required to purchase alcoholic beverages.

Compared to traditional portable beer concessions, Walk Thru Bru with Mashgin Express Self-Checkout has achieved up to 40 percent faster transaction time and up to 25 percent increase in sales.

“We can offer even more convenient and personalized consumer experiences with new digital technology that is powered by artificial intelligence,” said Mike Giresi, Aramark’s senior vice president and chief digital information officer. “Every application we build, based on AI, feeds data back into itself and provides us insights to be smarter not only about our operations, but also the needs and preferences of our clients and consumers. Mashgin technology continually learns food and beverage items and their prices offered at various locations, so a consumer can quickly pay and get on their way.”

Aramark has installed Mashgin technology at more than 60 locations with 130 units in business dining, healthcare, higher education, and sports and entertainment sites the company serves.

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