365 Retail Markets’ PicoCooler

Micro markets are becoming more common around the world but it can sometimes be challenging setting one up in a building that has limited space, or few check out points. Thankfully, this is where the new 365 Retail Markets PicoCooler comes into play.  

With the PicoCooler, all of the old problems that tapped into a micro market business owners bottom line are quickly becoming a thing of the past. When a business owner uses the PicoCooler, they will have the ability to offer consumers so much more including a variety of payment options since the average consumer can pay at a PicoCooler with their Apple Pay, 365Pay app, debit card, Google Pay or credit card.

More Counter Space Than Traditional Micro Markets  

Older micro markets typically have a major problem with lack of space, especially if the micro market has a cooler that offers fresh products. Thankfully, with the PicoCooler, the countertop to the market is part of the cooler itself so a lack of counter space becomes a thing of the past. 

Easy to Use Touch Screen 

Thanks to the PicoCoolers touch screen technology, consumers can easily purchase the foods and beverages that they want without having to stand in line for long periods. With multiple payment options, every consumer has more than one way to pay so they can get back to work. 

Convenient, Builtin Camera 

Since a micro market is an establishment that doesn’t have employees, it’s easy to see why theft could be a major concern for a micro market owner. With the PicoCooler, micro market owners can put their minds at ease because each PicoCooler comes with a built-in camera that captures video of each purchase and since cameras won’t be everywhere, consumers can shop with confidence knowing that each transaction is being recorded and backed up. 

Offer More Than Just Snack Foods

PicoCoolers also give micro market owners the ability to offer more than just traditional snack foods like chips and cookies. This is like music to the ears of most consumers because they want better-for-you options that are healthy and fresh instead of just cookies, chips, and other snack foods like they may have ordered in the past. 

By offering healthier food choices, PicoCooler business owners will be able to move to newer locations where fresh food is in demand. 

About 365 Retail Markets 

Located in Troy Michigan, 365 Retail Markets is a technology company that specializes in developing self-service convenience technology for the micro market industry. They also have offices in California, Utah, and a strong presence in the UK market as well. 

Over the last several years they have taken the micro market world by storm as business owners have realized how easy it is to run a micro market that incorporates cutting edge technology that makes serving their customers easier than they imagined. 

365 Retail Markets is one of the top companies in the micro market industry to watch over the next year. Their coolers help business owners to meet consumer demands with highly efficient and secure micro market.

To learn more about 365 Retail Markets, and the PicoCooler, visit their website at https://365retailmarkets.com/micromarkets/

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