365 Retail Markets Debuts Cashless/DEX App For Vending Machines 

365 Pay App365 Retail Markets announced its new cashless platform, 365 Inside, an easy-to-install, hardware add-on device for vending machines. The combination of the device and the 365Pay app creates a seamless cashless payment, reporting and communications structure, as well as wireless real-time alerts, operational and nutritional data.

Vending operators can use the 365 Inside app to connect with the hardware device on their own mobile devices to accomplish tasks such as:


  • Update inventory.
  • Pull DEX files.
  • Adjust planogram and product inventory and locations.

Consumers use the 365Pay app with their mobile devices to connect with the hardware device to:

  • Access product and nutritional information, right from their mobile devices.
  • Send cashless credits to the vending machine.
  • View purchase history.
  • Reload funds to the account balance within the app.
  • Contact operator via email with any issues or feedback.

“We are very excited to bring this new product to the vending Industry.” said Chad Francis, director of vending technology at 365 Retail Markets. “Giving telemetry, DEX and cashless options to vending machines at such a low cost, we believe we now have a suite of products that work for any machine.”

365 Inside provides consumers with a simple cashless payment and engagement platform using the 365Pay mobile app, available for download on iOS and Android.

Consumers can now simply download the 365Pay app, set up their accounts, and begin purchasing products at designated vending machines equipped with the 365Inside device.

“The launch of 365 Inside and 365Pay is the next chapter in our quest to make it easier for the consumer to connect with the operator in the most efficient and inexpensive way. The expansion of the 365 account system from micro market to vending is guaranteed to be a great technology addition to the workplace,” says Joe Hessling, 365 Retail Markets CEO.

For more information about 365 Retail Markets, visit:www.365retailmarkets.com.

by Elliot Maras


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