Three Square Market Offers Small, Compact Self-Checkout Solutions

Three Square Market

Three Square Market’s self-checkout kiosks can work in any size of breakroom office space for specialty micro markets; small, medium or large.

The payment systems enable operators to choose the most convenient checkout options so consumers can purchase items as quickly as possible.  In today’s covid environment, the payment systems also make it possible for consumers to have as little contact with others in the micro market as possible.

Choosing the right technology for micro market payments is a major decision for vending operators.  Three Square Market, which creates and supplies micro markets, has a broad range of payment devices, including the Junior Plastic Kiosk, Express Lite, and Cooler Café, which will fit into most vending planograms.

Among opportunities offered in Three Square’s payment systems are:

  • Three Square Micro MarketsMobile App Checkout
  • Tablet Kiosks – Scalable Markets
  • Affordable Pricing/Quick ROI
  • One-Stop-Shop for everything micro market
  • Customer Service at no added cost
  • Chip Card Payment Security
  • Tap-to-Pay
  • Customizable Kiosks
  • Red X Theft Protection
  • Bundle Deals
  • Second Screen Kiosks
  • Advertising on-screen
  • Intelligent Inventory
  • Predictive Store Ordering
  • Off-line Mode
  • Vouchers/Gift Cards
  • ADA Compliant Kiosk
  • 46″ Touchscreen
  • Upgrades & Advancements

What Customers Are Buying from Three Square Markets:

  1. Beverages 45%
  2. Snacks 25%
  3. Fresh Food 20%
  4. Other 10%
Let Three Square Market Set Up Your Micro MarketThree Square Kiosks is a resource for kiosk setup, they can also assist with designing your micro market, offering modular fixtures, refrigerated equipment, and more. 

For more information about Three Square Kiosks self-checkout solutions visit, 715-386-2233.
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