Tri-State Holds Technician Training honoring Bill Buckholz 

The Tri-State Automatic Merchandising Council, on Saturday April 6, 2019, held a technician training session named in honor of Bill Buckholz. 

Bill Buckholz (Goodman Vending, Reading, Pa) who passed away last year was an innovator who brought positive change to our industry.  From “Hug a Vending Machine” to customer newsletters, Bill was always about bringing a more positive view our industry.  Perhaps one of his greatest achievements was working with the US Mint to ensure that the then new Sacagawea dollar coin was gold in color and was had the same electronic signature as the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin. 

The technician training session developed by Davis Haines, Advanced Electronics / Vending Technologies instructor from A. Philip Randolph High School, Philadelphia, Pa. He teaches the only vending repair program in the country. 

The technician training is designed to be a mobile one-day intensive training on basic electricity and electronics, and instructing individuals on the use of a volt /ohm meter.  The students leave the class with a meter and a workbook.

In addition, there is portion devoted to MDB and DEX. 

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