The Venders Finds a Real Cure for the dreaded “Hangover”

Life Support chooses The Venders Slimline VEN300 to dispense their proprietary hangover drink.

LOS ANGELESAug. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The Venders, ( an innovative vending, kiosk, and automated retailing designer, developer and manufacturer of customized vending systems featuring their own small footprint built in America Slimline product group, announced today an exclusive agreement with Life Support to build and introduce the Vending Genv Vending machinesSlimline VEN 300 Life Support branded vending machine to be placed in bars and night clubs throughout the US and Canada.

Life Support is specially formulated to help prevent the effects of hangovers and improve overall well-being using a powerful mix of Japanese raisin tree fruit, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants. Japanese raisin, which looks and tastes like a raisin, has been shown to counteract the effects of alcohol consumption.

Life Support has exclusive rights on the most potent Japanese raisin tree fruit extract available, making the Life Support recovery shot the most powerful and efficient on the market.

Brad McKean, President of Life Support says, “Our mission has always been to make our customer’s lives better, easier and more productive.  We believe in maintaining a healthy work/live balance when responsible and active lifestyle can coexist. Our Recovery Shot is meant to aid in establishing that comfortable balance so you can celebrate with confidence.”

Bryan Ross, President of The Venders stated, “We are excited about our relationship with Life Support and the opportunity to use our knowledge of the Automated Retail Market to build a custom vending machine to support Life Support distribution and sales to the more than 60,000 bars and night clubs  in the US alone.”

The initial rollout of the Life Support vending machine will be in the Southern California area.  Any establishment’s having an interest in the placement of a Life Support machine can contact Robert Bienias, VP of Business Development for The Venders at 949-637-8828.

For more information contact: Bob Bienias, 1-949-637-8828

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