The Locker Network Offers 0% Financing on Locker Systems in USA through Firestone Financial

The Locker NetworkDallas, TX, February 2017 – The Locker Network is now offering two financing deals through Firestone Financial on their keyless electronic locker system. If you have been considering a fully self-service and secure locker option for your guests then now is the time to act.

Firestone FinacialChoose between 0% financing for 12 months with no money down, or a low 4.99% APR for 24 months, also with no money down. To take advantage of either promotion, prospective customers must have been in business for at least two years. No money down offer is subject to credit review and may not be available to all customers. A minimum purchase of $15,000 is required, and the initial payment is due 30 days after the contract is funded.

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“This is an exciting opportunity to leverage our great partnership with Helix Leisure and help bring The Locker Network’s unparalleled electronic locker systems to new and existing clients,” noted Firestone’s Vice President of Sales, Jim Hines. “We look forward to working alongside The Locker Network and helping them finance their unique floating locker solutions to customers across all industries.”

Marshall Ashdown, Senior Vice President for the Locker Network said “We are pleased to be able to offer our customers a competitive finance option from Firestone. Providing secure, keyless and unattended locker facilities is an important guest service for Out of Home Entertainment locations. And with the right locker configuration and rental fee structure locations can generate significant returns.” For more information on The Locker Network, visit

About The Locker Network

The Locker Network, a subsidiary of Helix Leisure, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced keyless networked electronic locker systems to leisure and entertainment facilities worldwide. The Locker Network draws on a legacy of 55 years of experience in the entertainment and game industry. The Locker Network is chosen for their outstanding reliability, ease of use, high levels of security and comprehensive support and monitoring. Incorporating the latest touch-screen technology, multi-payment and multilanguage options and secure access control, your guests can rent a locker easily and quickly. The Locker Network will help you to determine an optimum locker configuration and revenue model to suit the needs of your location. Once installed, the exceptional durability and performance of the lockers means very minimal to no staff supervision is required, allowing you to focus on your core business. For more information, please visit

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