N&W Global Vending becomes EVOCA

EVOCAFrom today, N&W Global Vending S.p.A. (“N&W”) rebrands as EVOCA S.p.A (“EVOCA”). The move coincides with the unveiling of the company’s coffee-focused global business strategy designed to strengthen its position as a leading player in both the Ho.Re.Ca and OCS sectors.

EVOCA symbolizes a continuous search for excellence, and the technology and innovation at the heart of the Group’s history. It merges an international approach and a commitment to innovation in ‘EVO’, that stands for Evolution, with the company’s Italian roots of the ‘espresso’ heritage with ‘CA’, that stands for Caffè.

In Italian, EVOCA (like ‘evoke’ in English) means ‘call to mind for suggestion of feelings, imagination, creativity,
happy memories’. It communicates the relaxing and inspiring sensation of a perfect coffee break. A name with
an Italian sound, strong, impactful yet smooth and tasteful, like a good coffee should be.

The logo visually represents the Group’s strategic choices: the red color, a sign of the brand’s heritage, and the
coffee bean, simple, full of strength and growth.

EVOCA is the integration of seven global coffee machine manufacturers, a process of aggregation that began in
2000 following a precise strategic intent and which has created the global leader in professional coffee
machines. Coffee has always been at the core of our DNA and business strategy and this new strategic focus
will strengthen our position as a leading player also in the Ho.Re.Ca and OCS sectors. EVOCA will continue
complementing its coffee machine offering with its range of snack and food and can and bottle machines.
It is the beginning of a journey that will directly benefit our customers and consumers.

It is our pleasure to confirm that there will be no changes in the services and offers you receive today, and the
people who manage, support and assist your activity will remain the same. You will continue to receive the
same, exemplary service and products as before always bearing in mind the objective to improve our support to

EVOCA’s mission is to continue serving its diversified customer base with the widest range of coffee machines
available on the market, providing the ideal solution for all out-of-home locations. We remain steadfast in our
continuous search for excellence and maintaining the technological innovation that is central to our history.
We look to the future with enthusiasm, never forgetting our roots, to offering you the tradition of Italian
“espresso” combined with the latest coffee technology.

For more information on the new brand and all products, please visit our new website: www.evocagroup.com

Andrea Zocchi
Chief Executive Officer of EVOCA

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