Lane Jumper’s New Micro Market Webinar Announcement Aug 18th 2PM EST

Nano Market Webinar Aug 18th 2PM ESTWhat is the one question asked more than anything else, by the operators wanting to get involved with Micro-Markets?

That’s not really a fair question. Over and over again as we discuss the subject of how to get started in the Micro-Market channel with operators that have between 0 and 1 market we have about a dozen subjects that become a 30 minute to an hour discussion.

As a service to the industry more or less to the New-to-the-Micro-Market or “Newbies” as we affectionately refer to them. We are offering a webinar that will help you as an operator to get started, know what to expect, and hopefully help you avoid the pitfalls or mistakes a lot of operators that have cost them time and money. Mostly, they have learned by our old educational path. “The School of Hard Knocks”.

The webinar will be hosted by two operators that have the experience operating Micro-Markets in the real world and not just from programmers that have no real-life Market experience.

The owner of Lane Jumper, Miguel Florez, operated and sold his successful Micro-Market business to develop a complete Market management system that is not only Cyber Secure but also incorporates mobile app technology. He will discuss the frustrations with the limitations and how his quest to streamline the entire process from check out to management reports.

National Marketing Director, John Kearns, owns a Micro-Market business that he started at the beginning of 2012. He will use his experience to discuss the pros and cons of Kiosks, Mobile Apps, and right sizing the markets.

Newbie Webinar
Date: August 18 2017
Time: 2:00 pm EST Eastern Standard Time
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Lane Jumper Micro Market Payment Solutions Video – Nano Markets

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