Landslide WINNERS: Apple’s Presidential Election Booth 2016 and Face Place Operators! 

Face Place Political PhotosGreenvale, New York, USA – The votes are in!  Americans are “voting with their dollars” (and with their credit cards) in massive numbers for the opportunity to have their picture taken with the Presidential candidate of their choice in Face Place Election Booth 2016.

It’s being referred to as the amusement industry’s very first “election polling event.”  Apple Industries has created a news-driven photo booth promotion, available on location now in thousands of Smile 2.0 networked Face Place Photo Booths, and the results are outstanding.

At no charge to the operator, Apple uploaded digital images of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican presidental nominee Donald J. Trump to the company’s Face Place Photo Booths on location via the extraordinary Smile 2.0 Network.

This special digital content transformed every Face Place booth into a “2016 Election Booth,” allowing “voters” nationwide (i.e., amusement industry customers) to “vote early” by taking their photos with the candidate of their choice.  Each photo with a candidate is counted as a vote for that candidate.  For example, if you jump into a Face Place Photo Booth and choose to take a photo with Hillary Clinton, she gets a Face Place vote.  The same goes for Donald Trump.

The winner so far?  Over the superheated weekend election news cycle leading up to the 2nd Presidential Debate on Oct. 9, Trump edged Clinton by a 6-point spread in increases to their respective photo sales.  But the real winners were Apple and Face Place operators, in a giant landslide.

Apple said this is exactly how its inaugural Event Attraction was designed to work.

“Photos using our holiday graphics see a spike in revenue every time we download them to Face Place booths for a specific holiday, from Christmas to Easter, Mother’s Day, July 4th and Halloween,” explained Apple COO Scott Avery.  “In just the same way, our Election Booth photos and graphics generate a huge surge in print sales whenever a major election news event occurs, and this past weekend’s high-profile debate is the climax so far.”

Apple launched Face Place Election Booth 2016 on Sept. 1.  The profitable promotion will keep running until just before Election Day (Nov. 8).  Apple is keeping tabs on how many photos are being taken with each candidate and releasing the live results as an informal poll, via their website , as well as posting updates on the results via their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

“Meanwhile, here is a call to arms for all patriotic Americans,” delcared Apple CEO Allen Weisberg.  “Get out there to your Face Place Election Booth and vote!  Operators want you to vote early and vote often!”

Apple Industries Inc. ( is the world’s leading provider of consumer digital imaging solutions for retail environments.  Apple Industries manufactures, markets and sells the award winning line of Face Place digital photo booths.  Face Place photo booths contain Smile 2.0 software which allows customers to purchase photo strips, 4×6 photos, and to share their photos directly from the photo booths by email, Facebook or Twitter.  Apple Industries has been in the photo, vending, coin-operated machine and event planning industries for more than 30 years. For more information call (516) 619-8000.

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