LAI Games “Free” Snapshot 2 Photo Booth Offer

Dallas, TX, September, 2016 – LAI Games announces a special promotion for US customers whereby the Snapshot 2 Photo Booth practically pays for itself. For each order placed for the Standard model in the month of September, 2016, the company will give the purchaser four free boxes Snapshot 2 Photo Boothof media (paper and ink, size 4” x 6”, 600 prints each). That’s enough media for 2400 prints. At a vend price of $5/print, operators will make $12,000 in revenue on that media – more than enough to cover the cost of the photo booth! After their initial purchase, operators will still receive the best price/print in the industry on their future media purchases: only 16 cents, saving operators $1000s in media costs each year. For complete details of this offer, contact your authorized distributor or LAI Games at or call 877-877- 3966.

About Snapshot 2

Snapshot 2 is the winner of the AMOA’s Innovator Award for 2015. The Snapshot 2 photo booths give players plenty to enjoy with an intuitive, touch-screen user interface, fresh content, and a host of photodecorating features and filters. With three different models, the Snapshot 2 family is able to cater to a variety of locations. Via the Snapshot Companion mobile app, players can transfer photos between the booth and their personal mobile devices. Besides sharing photos on an unlimited number of social networks and applications, players can also import and print existing photos from their mobile phones. Snapshot 2 has the lowest print costs in the industry with no media tie-in. For more information, please visit

About LAI Games

LAI GamesLAI Games, a subsidiary of Helix Leisure, has been a leader in the interactive entertainment and game industry for over 50 years. The company develops, manufactures, and sells coin and card operated prize merchandising games, ticket redemption games, photo booths, video games and novelty games. LAI Games is dedicated to bringing innovative and high incoming-producing games to the global market. For more information, please visit


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