Introducing The World’s First Frozen Yogurt Robot.


Foryo Frozen Yogurt Vending MachinesImagine a self-serve frozen yogurt machine that is a complete entertainment experience. Introducing the world’s first frozen yogurt robot! With exclusive rights to a patented new technology, Reis & Irvy’s is successfully launching an automated, interactive, high-tech unit – the Froyo Robot – that provides instant gratification at the point-of-purchase, and hours of entertainment at any location where it’s placed. This exciting innovation is available to enterprising franchisees for the first time ever.

After years of messy, awkward self-serve and high-rent retail, the frozen yogurt market is ready for Reis & Irvy’s business model, which is fresh, fun, and on-demand. This is authentic, all-natural frozen yogurt delivered in a hygienically contained and captivating way. Behind the magic and novelty of frozen yogurt delivered by a robot, is the well-oiled machinery of our proven franchising model. Units are already selling and our location teams are actively sourcing and securing high-traffic, high-volume locations as this exciting innovation expands into the marketplace.

Reis & Irvy's Froyo Kiosk from Reis and Irvy's on Vimeo.

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