How cashless payments are supporting Chargebar’s “Everyone, Everywhere” national expansion plans

ADVAM-the-way-payLocated in Sydney, Australia, Chargebar is Australia’s largest supplier of mobile phone charging solutions. Providing a range of services to hotels, late night venues, shopping centres, hospitals, universities and other public spaces, enabling consumers to charge their phones in a secure environment. The Chargebar solutions also act as a permissive advertising tool, enabling the customer to associate the positive experience of charging their phone, with the brand displayed on the units. 

Founded in 2011, Chargebar had its first success in Universities and Libraries around Australia and then quickly moved into late night venues and retail centres. 

chargebarThe Chargesafe solution enables venues and public spaces to provide secure mobile charging via a locker system. The consumer selects how long they would want to charge their phone for, create a secure lock code, makes payment and places their phone in the selected locker.

Once charging is complete, the consumer simply retrieves their phone from the locker (using the secure lock code). 

Driving customer revenue growth  

With the increasing need to always be connected and nomophobia (the fear of being out of mobile phone contact), there is ever growing demand for public spaces and entertainment venues to offer a secure place for people to charge their phones. Consumers want the experience to be easy and secure, without impacting the enjoyment of their night or experience in the venue. 

In fact, the presence of a Chargesafe solution, has been proven to increase the consumers satisfaction and experience within the venue that is offering the service. Research conducted by Chargebar has shown that customers prefer venues that offer a phone charging service. The fact that they don’t need to leave the venue (to charge their phone), means that the consumer spends longer in the venue, will spend more money and are more likely to return to a venue that offers charging facilities. 

Adam Griffin, CEO at Chargebar comments, 

chargebar“Chargebar’s mission is to not only provide a mobile charging service to consumers, but to provide a tool that enables our clients to have a positive impact on their customers experience. Our clients have seen this impact, with an increase in dwell time at a venue (time spent in a venue) and the associated increase in revenue. Our own research provides data to support this and Chargebar currently drives two to three thousand people per week to venues which have the Chargesafe solution installed.” 

How going cashless can support the national expansion of Chargebar 

The decision to use a cashless solution was the only option for Chargebar. The premise of Chargesafe is to provide an easy to use, secure place for consumers to charge their phone. The payment method therefore also needs to meet those two key attributes – easy and secure. With the preference from consumers to use card over cash, and the costs incurred with managing a cash based solution, it made sense that a cashless option was the only choice. The contactless solution deployed by ADVAM met the criteria of being easy and secure and with Australia being the world leader in the utilisation of contactless technology, it was the obvious choice. 

Adam Griffin, CEO, Chargebar explains, “There really was no choice in the decision-making process to go cashless. Not only do consumers prefer the ease of paying by card, but our customers don’t want the hassle of managing cash. With a cashless solution, no one is required to provide change, collect the coins or manage coin jams. The ease of paying with a contactless solution means that the machines can be self-managed and are a benefit and not a hindrance to our customers that install the machines”. 

In addition to the ease that going cashless provides, is the flexibility that this gives to Chargebar to support their national expansion plans. 

What is the future for Chargebar and Chargesafe  

The key strategy for Chargebar is “Everyone, Everywhere”. Which simply means that they want the ability for consumers to charge their phone, to be easily available – regardless of location. 

The premise of Everyone, Everywhere goes beyond just the ‘in venue’ experience. Chargebar wants to connect venues and drive even further value and consumer experience through multiple ways. One example of this is through an integrated App which will enable Chargebar, the end consumer and the venue to have better brand cohesion and engagement.

About Chargebar 

Chargebar has been keeping Australia connected and charged up since its launch in 2011. Since then, it has grown to become Australia’s largest supplier of mobile phone charging solutions for any type of business. 

Based in Surry Hills in Sydney, the devoted, passionate team is dedicated to providing the best service possible, whether it’s for a 10-seater café, an 80,000-seater stadium, or anything in between. 

The value of Chargebar extends far beyond that of charging a phone. The selection of products means that there is a solution for every space, from bars, to hospitals, to cafes, to airports. 

In 2017, Chargebar launched its first secure charging locker system, the Chargesafe. This wall-mounted unit allows customers to tap their card, and walk away, knowing their phone is securely charging. The Chargesafe is the new standard in customer service for businesses around the country, and Chargebar couldn’t be prouder to be leading the way in secure charging. 


ADVAM delivers world leading payment solutions, providing the expertise to make processing payments easier for its clients. ADVAM’s reservation platform, parking solutions, unattended hardware, integrated online payment solutions enable clients to engage with their customers online, via mobile or at self-service terminals.

With its team in Australia, New Zealand and UK, ADVAM services a client base that spans a range of sectors including some of the leading airports, parking operators, shopping centres, vending and self-service organisations. 

Each client benefits from ADVAM’s depth of experience and industry knowledge. By working with its clients and alongside industry partners, ADVAM’s solutions integrate with clients existing infrastructure and business processes. 

ADVAM is the trusted business partner for payment solutions. Managing the complete end to end integration and enabling clients to focus on improving their customers’ experience. 

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