Betson Reps Equate Learning to Earning With Face Place Certification Program

Face Place Apple IndustiresGreenvale, New York, USA – On Wednesday, July 20th, Apple held another edition of its day-long Distributor Certification Program for distributors. In attendance were Rick Murphy from Betson Southeast (Marietta, GA); Steven Lamoreaux from Betson Utah (Salt Lake City); Bob Hansen from Betson Midwest (Decatur, IL); Sergio Santoy from Betson Texas (Dallas) and Jeff Lane from Betson Florida (Orlando).

These highly professional distributors started early in the morning and happily spent the entire day learning the finer points of the marketing, financial and technological capabilities of Apple’s Face Place family of products.

Allen Weisberg kicked off the day with a reintroduction of the photo booth concept. “The classic photo booth has entered American popular culture as squarely as baseball and hot dogs,” he stated.

But the new generation of Face Place products is as different from the 20th century version, as a 2016 Samsung Galaxy S7 smart phone is different from an old 1950s rotary dial telephone.

Face Place is aggressively positioned on the cutting edge of networked consumer technology, including social media – since customers can take their photos, Tweet them, post them on Facebook, or email them to friends – all for a healthy up-sell charge.

Result: Face Place photo booths are the industry’s most valuable “sleeper hit,” earning from $250 to $1,000 a week in bars and restaurants…with 35% up-sells from vending additional prints, posting to social media, or buying personalized items such as key-chains, tote bags and coffee mugs with their photos on it via the Face Place Product Fulfillment Program. Earnings climb even higher in high-traffic venues such as malls, ballparks, sports arenas, zoos, aquariums, tourist attractions and the like.

In addition to Allen Weisberg’s opening and closing remarks, the Betson team heard a wide-ranging discussion of all things Face Place, including:

  • Scott Avery explained the Face Place network, which runs on the company’s proprietary Smile 2.0 operating system.  With every photo booth now specifically designed for online operation, Apple can not only facilitate constant downloading of new graphics and promotions packages; it can support remote diagnostics, field reports, social media sales, and the company’s Product Fulfillment Program.
  • Marketing Coordinator Joe DiGirolamo and Creative Lead Andrew Bloomfield gave distributors an overview of Apple’s website, The site provides plentiful technical and marketing information that distributors can use to assist operators and sales, as well as daily updates of information, blog posts, press releases and more. They also presented how custom graphics – including licensed content from Major League Baseball, the rock group Kiss, and other high-profile sources — work to boost Face Place income.
  • Mike Bloomfield, Apple’s Director of Research & Development/IT, gave distributors an exciting glimpse of ongoing software development.
  • Kris Link, Apple’s Director of Distributor Relations, showed why Face Place’s superior picture quality justifies its $5 and $10 vend prices, when competitors’ products simply cannot create images of equal clarity, true color and resolution.

“Leading operators have been passionate believers in Face Place for many years,” said Allen Weisberg.  “That’s why our repeat sales have been so strong.  Now, our Distributor Certification Program is bringing a growing number of America’s top distributors into the fold as ardent Apple supporters.

“The only thing we need now,” Weisberg concluded, “is a way to educate the market better.  Our growing army of distributors are the ‘foot soldiers’ who are making it happen!”

Betson Enterprises ( is the largest full-line distributor of amusement and vending equipment in North America with 13 offices across the country.  For more information call (800) 524-2343.

Apple Industries Inc. ( is the world’s leading provider of consumer digital imaging solutions for retail environments.  Apple Industries manufactures, markets and sells the award winning line of Face Place digital photo booths.  Face Place photo booths contain Smile 2.0 software which allows customers to purchase photo strips, 4×6 photos, and to share their photos directly from the photo booths by email, Facebook or Twitter.  Apple Industries has been in the photo, vending, coin-operated machine and event planning industries for more than 30 years. For more information call (516) 619-800


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