WHOZEEWHATZIT Peanut Butter Cream Bar, Yum!


2021 is turning out to be a great year for chocolates, thanks to Hershey’s and their latest release, the WHOZEEWHATZIT bar. 

What does the WHOZEEWHATZIT bar taste like? Hershey’s first new candy bar to be released in almost 10 years is a new and adventurous candy bar that is crunchy but chewy at the same time. 

The WHOZEEWHATZIT bar is a welcome addition to the crowded candy bar market because this Hershey’s candy bar offers the right combination of flavors and textures that candy bar fans will enjoy. 

With a suggested retail price of $1.11 for their standard 1.5-ounce bar, and $1.66 for their 3-ounce king-size bar, there’s going to be plenty of opportunities for fans of Hershey’s KitKats and their iconic candy bars to enjoy the WHOZEEWHATZIT bar. 

Named By Candy Bar Fans 

Like their now-famous Whatchamacallit bars, Hershey’s wanted to do right by their fans by releasing a new candy bar with an iconic name that was similar to the Whatchamacallit bar so before releasing it to the world they asked their fans to come up with a name for this candy bar. 

Candy bar fans from around the world submitted their unique candy bar names but it was WHOZEEWHATZIT that stood out and the winner was awarded a $5,000 prize. 

The WHOZEEWHATZIT Candy bar by Hershey’s has serious flavor packed in this candy bar since there are crisp chocolate, smooth peanut butter, and rich chocolate packed into one candy bar. 

To learn more about the WHOZEEWHATSIZT candy bar visit the Hershey’s website at https://www.hersheys.com