Top Global Amusement Parks and Water Parks in 2019

TripAdvisor Reveals the Global Top Amusement Parks and Water Parks in 2019!

On July 24th, TripAdvisor, the global travel planning and booking platform, released the list of the world’s best amusement parks and water parks in 2019.  

The list has been made for six consecutive yearsEvery year, TripAdvisor selects the top amusement parks and water parks based on the ratings and evaluations which the website received from hundreds of millions of tourists around the world in the past 12 months. Through comprehensive calculation, the list shows the popularity of the parks objectively.  

  1. Only One in China was selected as the World’s Popular Amusement Parks  

In this year, 25 amusement parks were selected as the worlds most popular amusement parks13 of which in the US, and 3 in France. The remaining nine ones separately come from China, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Brazil, Singapore, UK, and Japan.  

The only ones in China that have been selected is Hong Kong Disneyland, which ranks 23rd in the world with three places later than the 20th place of last year. 

The top one is Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida, US, which is the fifth consecutive year for the park to rank first. 

2. No Chinese Water Park was Selected as the Global Most Popular Ones.

The list of the global most popular water parks includes 25 parkscovering six in the US, five in Brazil, three in the United Arab Emirate and two in Thailand. The remaining nine parks are separately located in Spain, Australia, Bahrain, Mexico, Bahamas, Greece, Egypt, Italy, and Ireland. No water park in China has been selected into the list. 

Among the water parks, the Siam Park in Tenerife, Spain, has been selected as the top one, which is the same as last year.  

  1. Two Chinese parks Enter the Asian Top Ten PopularAmusementParks 

In the list of Asian most popular amusement parks, two amusement parks in China has entered the top ten, namely Hong Kong Disneyland and Guangzhou Chimelong Paradise. 

  1. Hong Kong Disneylandis the Top of Chinese Popular Amusement Parks   

It has been the four consecutive years for Hong Kong Disneyland to won the top spot in China’s Popular Amusement Park ListCompared to 2018, the ranking of some parks is unchanged, including Guangzhou Chimelong Paradise, Song Cheng (a theme park in Hangzhou)Shenzhen China Folk Culture Villages (Splendid China), Shanghai Disney Resort, Windows of The World (Shenzhen), Beijing Happy Valley. The ranking of Shenzhen Happy Valley has risen from the 9th in 2018 to the 7th place. 

2019 China’s Top Ten Popular Amusement Parks 
Ranking  Name  Location 
1  Hong Kong Disneyland  Hong Kong, China 
2  Guangzhou Chimelong Paradise  Guangzhou, China 
3  Song Cheng  Hangzhou, China 
4  Shenzhen China Folk Culture Villages (Splendid China)  Shenzhen, China 
5  Shanghai Disney Resort  Shanghai, China 
6  Windows of The World  Shenzhen, China 
7  Shenzhen Happy Valley  Shenzhen, China 
8  Beijing Happy Valley  Beijing, China 
9  Water Cube  Beijing, China 
10  Tang Paradise  Xian, China 


Among them, Water Cube (Beijing) and Tang Paradise (Xi’anare selected as the most popular amusement parks first time. Besides, OCT East Shenzhen and Shanghai Happy Valley, the subordinates of OCT, have failed to enter the list as last year. 

In addition, it has been the second time for Song Cheng and Shenzhen China Folk Culture Villages to be selected as Chinapopular amusement parks. 

In recent years, Chinese theme parks have been developing and advancing while exploringSeveral theme parks with Chinese characteristics culture are emerging, including Song Cheng, Shenzhen China Folk Culture Villages, Tang Paradise, OCT East Shenzhen, etc. These local brand amusement parks, which focus on Chinese traditional culture, are constantly accumulating good reputation among Chinese and foreign tourists and stepping on the international stage. 

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