The Pixcell Smart Photo Booth Now Available USA!

Pixcell Photo BoothThe Pixcell Photo Booth is developed on the basis of Rosavtomattorg’s many years of experience in servicing photo booths of various modifications. The Photo Box booth uses the latest innovative technologies that have no analogues in the world. The dynamic camera allows you to adjust the photography height without affecting the seat setting. A bright lightbox on the front of the photo booth will attract attention and make it possible to place the necessary information materials. Auxiliary handles are provided for people with disabilities.

The option of contactless control of the photo booth with a touch monitor is possible. Main functions: photo for documents of any size on matte paper, printing photos on glossy paper from your phone, printing photos on glossy paper from media. The photo booth accepts cash and non-cash forms of payment.

  • Photo for all types of documents (for visas, passports of any country, other documents)
  • Printing photos from a mobile phone
  • Printing photos from media, flashcards
  • Dynamic camera
  • Contactless control
  • Acquiring Pax D200
  • Lightbox
  • Remote monitoring and control of photo booth

History of the company

The first vending machines were installed by the Rosavtomattorg commercial and industrial group in 2006. Several years later, a decision was made to develop a new vending business. The impeccable service and the reputation of a reliable business partner allowed to significantly increase the fleet of vending machines and the number of grateful customers in a short time.

In 2014, the company started developing and manufacturing vending machines in Russia under the Rosavtomattorg trademark. The Rosavtomattorg group today includes several companies specializing in various areas of the vending business: Express Vending and Technovend. The dynamic development of the company is provided by more than one hundred specialists. Enviable service and permanent innovations are the essence and credo of the Rosavtomattorg group of companies.

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