RAC Smart CBD Kiosks Revolutionize Regulatory Compliance

RAC CBD Vending Machines

Technology has revolutionized the way we do business, and vending is no different. Retail Automated Concepts (RAC) uses technology to build machines to provide a comprehensive solution for selling items that require regulatory compliance, including hemp and CBD products.   

Most vending machines are only designed to dispense unregulated product. Machines from RAC allow vending operators to dispense product requiring age verification and other local, state or federal compliance in an unattended retail environment.  Those steps are accomplished through cameras on the machine which compare a consumer’s photo ID to the image of the person at the machine.   

Technology also allows for a cashless transaction which allows the consumer to purchase with a card, phone, watch or other device without worrying about carrying cash. The enhanced consumer experience can include rewards programs and discount codes.  For business the machine offers a safer way to receive payment with lower risk of fraud. 

Since every box dispensed from an RAC machine has an RFID tag that is directly tied to inventory, shrinkage is reduced.  Theft reduction also brings peace of mind to vending operators who know the high risk of selling high priced products. 

Enhanced digital signage on the machine is designed to capture customers’ attention and generate additional revenue.  A monitor on the machine is dedicated to advertising, which can promote the vendor’s own product line or enable the operator to lease advertising space to others to help offset cost. 

Machines from RAC contain multiple options for age verification, dedicated monitors to stream videos and generate ad revenue, and contain software which gives operators real-time and secure data.  Machines can be designed with customized brand wraps to help a product stand out. 

For more information or request a demo, visit https://www.retailautomatedconcepts.com/, or call Daniel Ortega, commercial director, (619)721-4955 

RAC Specialty Vending Machines