RAC, Smart Kiosks That Can Increase Your Revenue

RAC Smart Vending KiosksTechnology has revolutionized the way we do business, and vending is no different. Retail Automated Concept Kiosks have been created to be a comprehensive solution for selling items that require regulatory compliance, including the Hemp and CBD markets.

Compliance – Most vending machines are only designed to dispense unregulated product. Our revolutionary technology allows our clients to dispense product that requires age verification and other local/state/federal compliance

Cashless – For consumers, a simplified and convenient user experience that allows purchases with a card, a phone or a watch without worrying about carrying cash. The enhanced customer experience can include rewards programs and discount codes. For business, a safer way to receive payment with lower risk of fraud.

Theft Prevention – Every box dispensed from the kiosk has an RFID tag that is directly tied to inventory. This brings piece of mind to those who know the high risk of vending high-priced products.

Digital Signage – Capture customers and get additional revenue from a monitor dedicated to advertising. You can take advantage of this space to either promote your own product line, or lease space to offset your cost.

  • Multiple options for Age Verification
  • Dedicated monitors to stream videos and Generate Ad Revenue
  • Best in-class software that gives you Secure and Real-Time Data
  • Customized brand wraps to Stand Out
  • Protection of inventory using RFID technology

Multiple Kiosk Configurations With Great Options To Meet Business Needs. Retail Automated Concepts aims to provide the most versatile and user-friendly smart kiosks in the industry, with robust technology that gives our clients piece of mind and keeps their consumers engaged.

For more information visit https://www.retailautomatedconcepts.com/, Request a demo!

Contact: Daniel Ortega, Commercial Director, (619)721-4955

RAC Specialty Vending Machines

Video on Retail Automated Concepts (RAC):

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